USAf’s fast internet initiative transforms teaching and learning in a small town

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Danwill Maans is such an enthusiastic and determined student that it is heart-warming to know that, although he is not based in a major city, he has top-class internet access at his campus – thanks to a state-funded scheme which has ultimately helped prepare him for his career.

Maans plans on becoming a midwife. ‘’A mid-man,’’ he says, and laughs. “There is a be- yoo – tiful word for the males,’’ he continues, stressing every syllable, ‘’but I cannot remember it.’’

It turns out the word is ‘’accoucheur’’ but it is hardly ever used. Mostly people use ‘’midwife’’ regardless of the gender. Not that there are many male midwives – they comprise 2% of all widwives in the US; and 0.4% in the UK, where men weren’t even allowed to study midwifery until 1975. There are no readily available stats for accocheurs in South Africa but there can’t be many as less than 10% of registered nurses are male.