Student Technology Programme Update

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The Student Technology Programme (STP) offering laptops and tablets at pre-negotiated prices and service levels has been running since 2012 and has been a great success. Click here if you would like to see the sales statistics.  Please take advantage of this offering and contact us if you need more information on how to get involved.

Data Tender

A new procurement sub-committee was formed at the Autumn General Institutional Meeting to look at adding data contracts to the Student Technology Programme. Progress on this initiative will be reported in the next newsletter.

Tablet Tender

The Student Technology Programme (STP) tablet offering is refreshed regularly as this is such a volatile market.  An RFP has recently been concluded and the new offerings are all on To see a full list of STP devices please click here.

Approved tablets from the latest tender:

OEM Brand Model Approximate price
Pinnacle Africa Lenovo A7600 R2 757
Pinnacle Africa Lenovo A5500 R2 169
Pinnacle Africa Proline 1051H R2 381


OEM Brand Model Approximate price
SMD Technologies Azpen X1050-3G R3 149
SMD Technologies Aspen X1050 R2 649
Pinnacle Africa Proline A933L R2 963
Pinnacle Africa Proline W835G R2 033
Pinnacle Africa Proline S210TU-3G R4 495
Pinnacle Africa Proline S210TU-Wifi R4 495